Mini Games Decathlon – 18 October 2014

October 15, 2014
When: Back to Calendar October 18, 2014 @ 10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Where: Wizards Books & Games
99 Main Road
Claremont,Cape Town,7708
South Africa
Cost: R20.00
Contact: Daniel Smuts
Mini Games Decathlon

The next one-day tournament will be held on Saturday 18th October 2014 at Wizards Books & Games.

Five Tribes

When: Saturday 18th September 2014. Starting at 10AM, finishing at 5.30PM.

Where: Wizards Books and Games, Stadium on Main, Claremont, Cape Town

Entrance Fee: R20.00 per player

1st: Wizards Gift Voucher R300
2nd: Wizards Gift Voucher R200
3rd: Wizards Gift Voucher R100

There is a choice of 20 games for 4 to 8 players. 4 games count towards your final score. All games to be completed by 5:30PM. You can play more games in the time allowed but only 4 count towards the final score.


4-player games – 1st 100pts. 2nd 75pts. 3rd  50pts. 4th 25pts.
5-player games – 1st 100pts. 2nd 80pts. 3rd  60pts. 4th 40pts. 5th 20pts.
6-player games – 1st 100pts. 2nd 83pts. 3rd  66pts. 4th 50pts. 5th 33pts. 6th 16pts.
7-player games – 1st 100pts. 2nd 85pts. 3rd  71pts. 4th 56pts. 5th 42pts. 6th 27pts. 7th 14pts.
8-player games – 1st 100pts. 2nd 87pts. 3rd  75pts. 4th 62pts. 5th 50pts. 6th 37pts. 7th 25pts. 8th 12pts.

Shared places within games: Add the two positional scores together and divide by 2. Example: In a 4-player game, 2 players end second. Add 2nd and 3rd positional scores (75+50), and divide by 2.

Tie Breakers

The usual tie breakers will be used. See below.

If there are players with the same final score the following tie breakers will be used to decide who goes above. The player that:

1. Played 4 games as opposed to others that have played more
2. Played less games
3. Won more 8-player games
4. Won more 7-player games
5. Won more 6-player games
6. Won more 5-player games
7. Won more 4-player games
8. Finished second in more games
9. Finished third in more games

If any players are still tied after taking all the tiebreakers into consideration, they share the position.

Some drinks and snacks provided free of charge.
The tournament is intended to be a fun event of friendly competition.
Danny Smuts is the judge and his decision is final.

Any questions about the tournament can be directed to Danny at

The Games List:

Here is full list of games available to play on the day.

7 Wonders (with expansions)
Castles of Burgundy
Chicago Express
Five Tribes
Glass Road
King of Tokyo
Kingdom Builder
Lords of Waterdeep
Relic Runners
Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
Ticket to Ride: Marklin