Event Information

The Concept
Full Games Decathlon Tournament – Play several multiplayer boardgames and card games over 10 days using the best scores of 10 games to find a winner. This is a fun tournament, not a seriously competitive event, so relax and enjoy yourself.

Mini One Day Games Decathlon Tournament – Play a specified number of different games in one day. The winner is the player with the highest score over all the games.

The Venue
Wizards Books & Games
Shop G19
Stadium on Main
99 Main Road
Cape Town
Tel: 021 683 0360
Fax: 021 683 8666
E-mail: wizardsbooksandgames@gmail.co.za

Wizards Books & Games

The Games
Several boardgames and card games to choose from. Some new, some classics. With each new tournament we introduce new games into the mix. See the games list here.

Tournament Dates
The next Mini Games Decathlon will be on 15 February 2014. 10.30am – 9pm. Prizegiving 10pm.

Players can choose which games they want to play, as long as there are opponents available. Bring your friends to make up the numbers.

The Mini One Day Tournament and How to Win Points
Play 5 different games. Maximum 4 players to a game. Points are allocated according to the number of players who actually compete in a game. Winner gets the most points, etc (1st gets 4. 2nd gets 3 etc). There will be a running leaderboard. Danny Smuts is the overall judge and any disputes can be put to him. The judge’s decision is final. We have ensured that there are many easy games so everyone can take part.

Prizes & Prizegiving
The overall winners will get to choose their prizes from a prize pool. For a full Games Decathlon the top 10 positions will get prizes, and for a Mini Games Decathlon the top 5 positions will get prizes. The prizegiving will take place after the tournament. See the prize list here.

Free soft drinks and snacks provided for contestants.

How to enter and the cost
Mini Tournaments have an entrance fee of R50.00 payable when you arrive. Book your seat by registering here.

These Tournaments are Fun
We would like these tournaments to be fun and encourage you to come with your friends. Although there will be winners and prizes we are looking to run fun events rather than heavily competitive ones.

If anyone wants to volunteer to assist with teaching newbies to play boardgames please e-mail or call.

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