First games announced for the Games Decathlon

November 27, 2013

We are busy looking at the whole range of Wizards games for titles that are best suited for the Games Decathlon, with a mix of new exciting games and old favourites eventually chosen.

Here follows the first of the chosen tournament games (please click on images for more information on these titles).
What do you think of the first announced titles? Which of these games are you most looking forward to playing? Which games would you like to see added to our list?

  • Adhil Riad Patel

    I’ve played all of these, and feel they would make for great competitive gaming. Good selection.

    • WizardsWarehouse

      Thank you for your comment. We have loads of games still to announce, so keep checking back!

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  • gamesbook

    I think Dominion would be a good way to draw in those less familiar with the modern boardgaming scene! And if Z-Man is a sponsor, then Pandemic is a must!!

    • WizardsWarehouse

      Pandemic is a great game, but for this tournament we are looking at using competitive games, as opposed to co-operative games. We have a game called Thunderstone Advance Numenera that is similar to Dominion, but since the line-up is not finalised, you never know!

  • tabletopknights

    A nice selection of games! Looking forward to this tournament! Well done Wizardswarehouse for promoting board gaming here in the Western Cape :)

    • WizardsWarehouse

      Thank you for the kind words! The tournament just got better, more sponsors and games announced today.