Mini Games Decathlon – 16 June 2014

June 6, 2014

The next one-day tournament will be held on Monday 16th June (Youth Day) at Wizards Books & Games.

TableTop Day - Wizards
Venue: Wizards Books and Games, Claremont, Cape Town

Date & Time: Monday 16th June 2014. Starting at 10AM and finishing by 7PM.
Entrance Fee: R20.00 per player

The tournament will be held in celebration of playing boardgames and we have chosen games that will provide a fun day. We are running some games for 8 players using a suggestion from one of our players (Kirsty Thompson) for the scoring of these games.

All games are scored as for 4 players. 4-3-2-1 points allocated for first down to fourth. If 5 players or more only 4 score. If there are 3 players the score would be 3-2-1. 8-Player games score 4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1. Chris Legg can play only if contestants want to make up a 4-player game. He plays as a full-scoring player. Choose your best 4 games for final scoring.

Tie Breakers
If there are players with the same final score the following tie breakers will be used to decide who goes above. The player that:

1. Played 4 games as opposed to others that have played more
2. Played less games
3. Played more 4-player games
4. Won more games
5. Finished second in more games
6. Finished third in more games

If any players are still tied after taking all the tiebreakers into consideration, they share the position.


1st: Wizards Gift Voucher R300
2nd: Wizards Gift Voucher R200
3rd: Wizards Gift Voucher R100

There will also be some draw prizes.

Light snacks are available at no charge to participants.
Danny Smuts is the judge for the day and his decision is final in any player disputes.

The Games List:

7 Wonders (8 players or 4)
Camel Cup (8 players or 4)
Carcassonne (hold 3 tiles)
Castellan (4 players)
Citadels (8 players or 4) NEW ADDITION
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork
Dixit (2 sets combined – 8 players or 4)
Kingdom Builder
Parade Card Game
Saboteur (8 players)
Settlers of Catan / Star Trek Catan
Smash Up
Ticket to Ride USA