Mini Games Decathlon – Team Tournament – 15 March 2014

March 4, 2014

We have decided to turn our next Mini Games Decathlon into a Team Tournament event. It will be held at Wizards Books & Games, Shop G19, Stadium on Main, 99 Main Road, Claremont.

On Saturday 15th March you will have the opportunity to team up with a mate to compete in the first boardgames team tournament to be held in Cape Town.

Play 5 or more games as a team of two to win the team prize. There will be 12 different games to choose from. Some are suitable for 3 competing teams, others for 2.
Games Decathlon at Wizards
Starts 10AM SATURDAY 15th March. Come with your team member or come come and match up with another single to form a team. You can learn to play the games on the day or attend a games evening on Thursday 6th or 13th March. Demo games are also available at Wizards should you wish to try a game on a Saturday or Sunday.

Entrance fee per person is R50.00 payable on the day. Please e-mail to say you are coming. We need to have a good idea of how many contestants will take part so we can plan that all teams play an equal number of 2-team and 3-team games.

Here is a list of potential games suitable for team play. We will choose 12 games for the tournament. Your comments on this list are welcome. We will announce the final 12 a week before the tournament.

Potential Boardgames and Card Games for Team Tournament

7 Wonders3 Teams(6 players)
Alhambra Card Game2 or 3 Teams(4-6 players)
Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia2 Teams(4 players)
Botswana2 Teams(4 players)
Camelot the Build2 Teams(4 players)
Carcassone2 or 3 Teams(4-6 players)
Castellan2 Teams(4 players)
Dominant Species Card Game2 or 3 Teams(4-6 players)
Fantasy Wizard Card Game2 or 3 Teams(4-6 players)
Hungry Hungry Hippos2 Teams(4 players)
Nuts2 or 3 Teams(4-6 players)
Small World2 or 3 Teams(4-6 players)
Smash Up2 Teams(4 players)
Summoner Wars2 Teams(4 players)
Survive: Escape from Atlantis2 or 3 Teams(4-6 players)
Ticket to Ride, Asia3 Teams(6 players)

Teams of 2 participants compete in 5 or more 4-player and 6-player games. Seating arrangements are specific for different games. Team members attempt to assist each other during the game. Individuals score 6 for 1st, 5 for 2nd etc in 6-player games and 4 for 1st, 3 for 2nd etc in 4-player games. Then the team members scores are added together to give a team score for that game.

There will be a schedule of tiebreakers to sort out any ties. If this does not result in a winner there will be a playoff of the tied teams. We have chosen one-on-one games for the playoff. The list we will choose from includes such games as Lost Cities, Timeline and Mr Jack.

Playing boardgames as team games is fun and very social. Come and try something different. You will be well rewarded with a very enjoyable fun day.