Report: Mini Games Decathlon 15 Feb 2014

February 17, 2014

The first Mini Games Decathlon, a one-day event where the winner is the player with the highest score from 5 board and card games, was held on Saturday 15 February 2014 at Wizards Books & Games.

The event was a great success and everyone enjoyed the tournament. The competition was very stiff with 3 players all scoring the top score of 18 points. The final positions had to be decided by the use of the tie-break rules.

Winners - Mini GD 15 Feb 2014

From left to right: Simon Bethal (5th), Brice Lancaster (2nd), Ashley Visagie (1st), Jacob Buys (3rd), Theo Scholiades (4th)

The next official tournament will be held at Wizards Books & Games, Claremont on Saturday 15th March 2014.