Tournament Update – Halfway there!

January 7, 2014

Today marks the halfway point in the Games Decathlon

The tournament is still a long way from over and it is far from clear who the winners will be. There are still 4 weekday evenings and a full Saturday to play – more than enough time to play 10 games and rank among the winners. Although some contestants have played more than 10 games, it is the 10 best scores that count.

Serenissima session

Players enjoying a game of Serenissima

Here is the current standing showing the top 30 players. Please note that this leaderboard shows points received for all games played and that only 10 games count to find the winners. The players in the top ten positions will win prizes.

Games Decathlon: Total Points (end 6 January 2014)

Total Points Scored
Amount of Games Played
Rolf Weimar54.5016
Daniel Glago49.5014
Greg Evans46.0015
Jeandre Du Toit42.0012
Troy Smuts35.009
Helene Visagie32.008
Caitlin Jacobs32.009
Kirsten Thompson31.5010
Richard Cramer31.009
James Gain27.508
Marvin Hsiao25.508
Mark Intrana22.007
Philip Smit21.008
Brice Lancaster19.506
Shireen Louw19.006
Martin Harmse18.505
Ashley Visagie18.008
Justin Bedford17.006
Marc Luck16.005
Marion Harmse15.004
Toby Maggs14.004
Adhil Patel13.505
Pravesh Valab11.004
J P Smith10.002
Joshua Harmse9.505
Thomas van Heerden9.002
Tracy Semmelink7.002
Hazel Richmond4.502
Joanna Thompson4.001
Matthew Snelling1.001

Anyone wanting to enter can come to Wizards Books & Games, Stadium on Main, Main Road, Claremont. We start at 7.30pm on weekdays and 10.30am on Saturday.

Contact Chris: 021 674 1016